A solar power plant is an investment which requires care. Solar modules have optimal efficiency only if their surface is clean. On the panels, dirt layers in the form of dust, pollen, bird droppings, flue gases from chimneys, fumes from aircrafts, mosses and lichens grow on their frames. Besides energy losses can result in material damage, of which is often associated with high costs. Without regular professional cleaning, a photovoltaic power plant can not long.


  • the expected PVP power is dependent on its state
  • dirty panels can produce up to 40% less
  • (depending on degree of pollution)
  • annual losses in the range of 1.5 - 40%
  • the return of investment for cleaning is about 4 weeks


  • extending life of solar panels
  • higher energy production - higher profit
  • prevention and eventual disclosure of damage


  • we do our work professionally and provide good quality
  • we will review each panel of your PVP
  • we clean without chemicals
  • we are insured for liability up to CZK 10 million kc

About us

The nanocleansolar project is part of nanosun s.r.o., which focuses primarily on distribution and wholesale of solar panels and other photovoltaic components.

For us the customer is always in the first place and we want to reach your satisfaction with an individual approach, perfect service and the best possible technology.

Within our services, we use the newest and the most efficient technologies for both panels and life environment.

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We offer complete maintenance services for photovoltaic power plants (PVP):

professional manual cleaning of the surface of solar panels using the latest German technology Cleantecs SOLA-TECS

optical inspection during cleaning - strength of panel fastening, drive operation, breakage, damage, reporting to the owner

grass mowing, snow cleaning during the winter months

Within the wholesale we offer:

fast replacement of broken solar panels and inverters

if you are interested in selling your power plant, we can help you to find a suitable buyer

We also provide advice on cleaning with the following situations:

If there is no connection to the water at your power plant we will import the water in tanks from the nearest source.

If there is no electricity connection(230W) at your powerplant we will bring an electrical aggregate

The gaps between the panels are too narrow. We have up to 300m long hooses.

We will clean the panels using a shield or a high-lift platform if your power plant is on the roof.

Our technology:

Lightweight and compact rotary brush (80 - 100cm) from a German manufacturer, powered by water pressure 100-160 bar with consumption of demineralized water 7-10 l / min., which guarantees efficient rotary cleaning at 700 revolutions per minute. The brush is operated by a telescopic rod.

Another type of spinning brush (100 cm) from the same manufacturer is driven by a water pressure of 100-120 bar from a pressure pumps, with demineralized water consumption of 10l/min. We use it especially for large areas of modules in one row above each other.

Telescopic rod length:

Washing speed:

15 meters

100 - 300 m²/hour

Cleaning time:



1 MW will be cleaned on average for 3 days

We clean an average of 1 MW in 6 days

Depending on the pollution, the position (multiple roofs) or the water connection.

The demineralized water is produced on site by the filter unit with resin filters. This water is much better cleansing effect, does not leave germs and smudges and is much more gentle to the surface due to the removal of mineral modules and the environment.



Installed performance


Purchase price of electricity


Energy profit


Yearly profit


Pollution level

Yearly losses



Why should we clean the surface of solar panels?

The layer of dirt increases every day and helps to grow moss and algae. Dirt, pollen,moss, mold and bird droppings can cause "hot spots" on the surface of the panels and thus reduce overall production of photovoltaic power plants. In short, regular maintenance of the clean surface of the panel and frame prolongs its lifetime, reduces the possibility of failure and increases the overall production of PVP.

Can damage occur during cleaning?

Yes it can. Inadequate cleaning may result in scratching the surface of the panels or impure surface with uncertain results.

Experienced workers, the right technology and the In case of any damages, our company is insured up to CZK 10,000,000. We are trained and we are the only holder of OQS certificate in Czech Republic - professional maintenance of solar panels surface.

So what clean the panels?

We recommend cleaning with a high speed rotary brush and demineralized water.

How often to clean?

It depends mainly on where the power plant is located and the degree of its pollution. The big difference is between PVP standing in the middle of regularly cultivated fields, busy roads or elevated decks. However, the frequency of washing should be between 6 and 24 months for more than 80% of WWW in the Czech Republic.

Do the PV modules producers also recommend cleaning?

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the surface of solar panels 1-2 times a year.


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